Activity summary not shown on user settings page

No JS errors in console.
Rebuilt the container just a few hours ago.

Cannot reproduce this. Are you running latest version of Discourse?

Hm, what if you try to switch summary emails OFF in admin panel?


That was it. Thanks :thumbsup:


Why should the preference be hidden at all?

I would make it still visible and configurable, but write a note below it that currently the activity summary is turned off.

When we turn this off temporarily and someone goes to their profile wishing to adjust the preference - they don’t find it and it looks like a bug from their point of view.

I think there is no sense in hiding or disabling the preference. Are there any reasons why I should not be able to configure/adjust the setting while emailing is off sidewide?

Just thinking aloud.

This is nonsensical, if the summaries are disabled the preference has no meaning.

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