ActivityPub: reset category handle in CLI?

I am currently setting up a new discourse instance and used an incorrect string for the ActivityPub category handle (WebFinger ressource). As it is not possible to reset this in the UX of the plugin: is there an option to change an incorrect handle on the command line?

-friendly reminder-

Does anyone know how to reset the ActivityPub webfinger handle in case of a typo? Is there any way to change this directly in the postgres database?


Hey @Thomas_Rother, glad to see you’re trying out the ActivityPub plugin! Unfortunately it’s not currently possible to change the username (similar to how you can’t change a username on Mastodon), which is why we popped that warning there you can see in the screenshot.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to change it directly in the database, or Rails console. We will look at adding the ability to do this soon though. I definitely appreciate it’s desirable, particularly for situations like yours. We want to try to ameliorate any unforeseen issues (i.e. we’ll need to test that scenario thoroughly).


Thanks Angus for the fast reply. No problem, then we wait for the patch :wink:

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