Ad Banner / HTML code in the right gutter

Hello Everyone,
Is there a way for adding a fixed Ad banner on the right sidebar or HTML code box?

This isn’t currently a feature and would require some additional work in the plugin… that said, is the idea that the ad would replace or cover the topic timeline? we consider that a critical part of the topic, so it’s not likely to be something we’d support.

Understood @awesomerobot, would it be possible to place it underneath the timeline or above it?

It’s possible to put some content above the timeline, for example, Car Talk has some suggestions above their timeline here: Battery finally dead - Maintenance/Repairs - Car Talk Community (but note that it’s not fixed on scroll)

That was done in their theme by adding content to the above-timeline plugin outlet in Discourse. We don’t plan on adding ad space above/below the timeline to the ad plugin by default, so it needs to be done in a custom plugin or theme.

Using plugin outlets in themes is covered a little here: Beginner's guide to developing Discourse Themes