What is name of this area and how can I add something in this?

I don’t know what is name of this area and how can I add something as Sidebar Category or Google Adsense in this area?

Can you help me?

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It’s called a ‘Sidebar’, that’s if it actually has an element there, which I don’t think Discourse does by default…

Have you seen the Discourse Sidebar Blocks Plugin?
It allows you to add a custom block of HTML to the sidebar.
Just install the plugin and create a block containing your AdSense code :slight_smile:

Thank you so much.

But “This plugin shows a list of blocks as a sidebar on all discovery list pages (latest, new, unread, categories but not on the single topic page”.

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To get it working on all pages you will most likely have to modify the plugin.
I’d imagine that it was left out intentionally though.
Or you could try the Discourse Adsense Plugin and play around with your themes CSS so the ad floats right.

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it does, that’s where the post timeline appears. It isn’t visible in the screenshot because the topic linked is only one post long. This is how it looks the rest of the time:

Yes, that’s because the space is already used by Discourse for a fundamental navigation element. I would hope that your users being able to navigate a topic is more important than advertising real-estate.