AdButler in the official ad plugin

A new ad server options has been added to the Official Ad Plugin. Thanks to @michaeld for contributing it! Until now, Google Ad Manager was the only supported ad server (which is different from an ad network), so it’s good to have an alternative.

The plugin supports Standard Zones, so when you’re creating a new zone in your publisher, choose Standard. Text zones and others won’t work.

Configure the ads in Admin > Settings > AdButler. You can find your publisher ID and zone ID in the address bar of your browser when you’re viewing a zone.

By default, ads are assumed to be size 728 x 90, or 320 x 50 in mobile view.
To use different size ads, customize using CSS in your site’s theme. Override the following CSS:

.adbutler-ad {
  width: 728px;
  height: 90px;

.adbutler-mobile-ad {
  width: 320px;
  height: 50px;

I will spend some time on your proposed changes tomorrow. One of our customers has been running this for a while now and didn’t have any issues though. Can I maybe take a look at your setup to see what is going on?

We made a Revive implementation a while ago, but did it as a separate plugin and it’s not maintained anymore. If someone has the budget then we can dust off the code and integrate it.


Hey @neil

Rob with AdButler here. Shoot me an email or drop me a message, we would be happy to set you up with a monthly account for debugging purposes at no cost!




That would be great! I’ll message you about it.


This PR has been merged! Thanks to @michaeld for working on it, and to @Rob_Janes for giving us an account to work with.

I updated the first post with instructions.


hi guys, @michaeld, @Rob_Janes, @neil,

You have done a great job, i’m really grateful. The little detail, i wonder if on mobile, the banners are not a little down ? Is it my intégration ? or a plugin conflict ?

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Seems you configured a 728x90 banner on mobile. Use a 320x50 banner instead.


@michaeld thank you, I will try this tomorrow.