Integrate adbutler / Java script with the adplugin

What would you like done?
I would like to integrate js in the way that i could add the ad server js with the adplugin →

When do you need it done?
Not so much in a hurry, but the sooner the better

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
£200 ( negotiable )


We also have an urgent need for this type of plugin, and would pay for it. We also use Adbutler. The regular advertising plugin doesn’t allow for custom javascript for ad platforms other than Google. It would be great if the Official Plugin simply added a choice to serve custom javascript for ads from any custom service. Thanks.

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Hi @neil is this on your road map guys ? Many thanks,

No, Ad Butler is not on our roadmap.

and the possibility of adding Javascript ?

Can you give details about how this would look and how it would work? Mock-ups of a UI? What solution would cover all arbitrary ad network javascript?


The issue appears to be that the House ads only accepts HTML. If it would also accept JS it would work with nearly all ad networks. jS in house ads, Seems to be mentioned as a possibility on the repo, but not implemented yet. This would be a very useful feature.

Already been discussed. Very unlikely that the ad networks’ js covers single-page apps correctly. Otherwise you don’t need the ad plugin at all. Just use theme components.


The ad plugin contains functionality not available in theme components, that is very useful. Just using theme components would not work. Dropping JS from our ad partner in the HTML box for house ads would certainly display the ads correctly in the application. It’s just that the box only accepts Html

Sorry missed your link above. I think I see how this can be done with components. Thanks for quick response


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