Add a form handler to community

Is it possible to add a pardot form handler to a discourse instance?

Anything’s possible, Discourse is open source with a rich API for creating plugins. Whether it’s practical or not depends on a lot of things, like what is a pardot, and how do you want to handle the form?


Thanks for your advice @mpalmer

Pardot is the marketing automation tool our marketing team uses here.
We are looking to track what our community members are viewing on our company website. Not in a sales sense-- I’m not trying to exploit our people. We would like to identify trends.

I’m trying to show the value of our community to our business, even though it’s separate. I want to work on building up the right kind of content. If we can identify, “some users are spending time on x resources page or are trying to learn how to…” then compare with the kind of content we need on community.

This is how most people use Google Analytics, simply enter your google analytics key in the site settings, then there are extensive reporting tools on Google’s side.

hi @codinghorror
Yeah I have GA on my community.

So, all company (not community) activity is tracked within pardot on our company website. We want to compare that with those who visit who visit our community website,