Add a label to the Docker container

Just as I was writing a post asking how to add a label to a discourse container I figured it out so I thought I would share here so people my find it easier when googling.

I wanted to add a label to my discourse container so Watchtower wouldn’t try to update it every time.

I just overlooked the help that the launcher script printed and didn’t notice the --docker-args

To add the label I wanted I had to start it with the following:

./launcher start app --docker-args "--label com.centurylinklabs.watchtower.enable=false"

I had been googling and looking around for over a day and couldn’t find anyone that wanted to do the same thing so I thought I would post this and hopefully someone will find it useful.

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To make it process more permanent in nature, you could add the docker args into the app.yml file as described in this traefik example