Add a new top menu item containing several categories


Now we have latest, new, unread … in top menu.
I want to add a new menu item which contains several categories. For example, if we have 4 categories in discourse, the latest item (homepage) will show new topics from all 4 categories. The custom top menu item can show 2 categories(we can set which 2 categories) like homepage.

If you have any method, pls let me know, thanks!

I don’t think it’s possible by default. You’ll need a custom plugin which Also doesn’t exist yet. Maybe try #marketplace ?


Actually it might still ‘exist’ but no longer work.

Have you seen the Favorites - select your favorite categories?

You can choose which categories to include in ‘favourites’ and view them all together with one click. That click will exclude all topics from categories not included in your favourites list.

Would that behaviour fit your requirement?

It is broken, but I did offer the community my services to fix it if it was sponsored. I may already have a co-sponsor to share the cost with.

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