Limit number of topics from each category on Latest page

We have two Categories that generate many more topics than the rest, so our Latest page will get swamped by those two Categories. We want to promote access to topics from all Categories more evenly.

Is there a way to make the Latest page show the ‘x’ latest topics from each Category. That way, we could say just show the 5 latest topics from each Category.

Or, any other solution that would not allow these two categories to swamp everything else?

p.s. we’re currently using the option to suppress topics from those mega Categories on our latest page, but that just hides them from people.

Thank you.

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You could style differently the topics from the categories you want to promote.

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You could use the category page instead of Latest as your default page.


If it’s a significant issue, maybe using the (relatively new) categories + latest view could help? That way, you’d help people discover all your categories while still letting them access the latest topics.

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Thank you for the suggestion.

I tried the Categories page that has the Latest on the right column. It helps a little, but all the topics in Latest are still swamped by a single category.

Is there a way to add another Tab in the top menu that would just be that Category name?

Something like:

all categories Latest New Unread Top Categories Category X

Or, some code that would filter the Latest for us?

Yes, in your site settings find top_menu, then add on something like


Cool, we’ll give it a try and report back.

Splendid. That did the trick!!

Thank you for the help.

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