Add a progress bar to actions that take a while

There are some actions that even on powerful hosts that take a while.

For example, I split a topic that’s ~8.6k posts long and it took around 30 seconds.

Discourse gave me 0 confirmation anything was happening. I just clicked the “Split…” button and it turned grey.

That could mean multiple things.

What could happen instead:
That’s for my example in splitting posts. There are more use cases out there.

That’s much better than just a button becoming disabled, that could mean many things.

I like the idea but how often are large amounts of replies being split to make this feature worth it?

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Not sure, there are other uses for it. Some actions take a bit, like if the server is under load or the user’s device is really slow and they make a new topic. Say it takes 10 seconds to make the topic bc they have one bar of 4G and they’re using an iPhone 6. They should have some sort of confirmation that their topic is being created.

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I was thinking exclusively of splitting. But for all actions, I would say it’s a good idea that should be implemented.

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Just noticed that this exists when deleting posts by a user.
I still think there should e some version of this when splitting.

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