Does "Process bulk actions in batches" apply to splitting topics?

Process bulk actions in batches

Previously if staff attempted to bulk update a large number of topics, the process could time out. We now process bulk actions in smaller batches to avoid such errors.


Does it affect topics splitting?
Since my migration, I have a 30000 replies topic that I can’t split because it timeouts.

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Good question, I’m not sure. I don’t think so, but @gerhard should be able to confirm. Do you have a bug/support topic here on Meta for the topic split timeouts?

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No, it doesn’t affect topic splitting (moving posts). Only bulk actions like closing topics, changing category,…


Various actions on megatopics would cause timeouts on my forum: 502 errors when splitting topic, moving or renaming categories, including renaming a category.

I’ve tested these actions on a lot of categories, the action durations correlated with the number of topics/posts from the categories

I had to rename a few categories by updating the database fields from the command line instead of editing the category settings inside Discourse’s interface.

I have been able to split the megatopics after a lot of tries, but not the largest one though I didn’t try since my migration 1 month ago.