Add ability to vote from the front page

Awesome work!
Been following the progress tight on Github the last week!

Is there any plans to add the ability to vote from the front-page view as well?
As mentioned, some of us would love to use this plugin to drive a ‘hackernews’ style forum - which requires the ability to upvote content from the front-page.

I would say yes. It’s not at the forefront right now, though. I want to make sure the core functionality is there before we start adding these features. The next step (in my mind) is to make it easy to see who’s voted and for users to see their active/archived votes. After those, it would make sense to go to the list page for voting.


Makes a lot of sense. Very excited about this!

My call on this is, very very low priority maybe as an advanced option.

I think it is a fairly risky and complex change that is not really worth the effort.

I’d like request to have the “+vote” call to action button at the topic list level, on mobile and desktop views.