Sort topics on frontpage daily by Votes

Hi guys. I am new to discourse. I have installed: Discourse Voting and now my question is how do I sort topics by VOTES on the frontpage? I have made “top” on the first position on the top menu and i want to show the topics with the most like within the last 24 hours.

Yes similar to reddit, 9gag or other “fun” sites. Do i need another plugin or is there another way to do it?

Thanks for your help!

Do you mean likes or votes? Likes are native to Discourse, votes are a result of the voting plugin.

Yes i mean Votes. Thanks for the hint

no ideas or any help?

The first question is what do you mean by front page? What do you have as the default homepage?

You can add a votes column to a category page which has voting in it and then sort by that, but the front page is a different story.