Add an additional param to user-chooser component to include staged users in the results

One of our clients needs a feature which involved being able to select a user via a dropdown which should include staged users.

I’ve checked the codebase and the component uses userSearch library method to make the API call to the server. Currently, there’s no way in there to pass additional params.

Moreover, the rails controller action search_users doesn’t have any mechanism to accept additional parameters.

I’m thinking to make a PR, that would allow passing a param includeStagedUsers which would default to false to the user-chooser component which would allow listing staged users in the dropdown. Thoughts @joffreyjaffeux ?

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I don’t have any specific opinion on this. It’s mostly adding a feature in core which we don’t have much use. What do you think @zogstrip ?

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Guys, any news here?

some more thoughts:
The key thing here is, this part of the codebase is not extensible. It would also help if you could suggest a spec to make it extensible. I would be happy to make a PR around those lines then.


I went ahead and created a simple PR. Requesting a review and suggestions on it.

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This is merged finally :tada:

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