How can I create a staged user via the API?


Is it possible to create a staged user via the API ? I don’t see it in the documentation and I would not know how to do that via the web interface, hence my question.

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I think that all you need to do is set the parameter staged to true when you create the user. Be sure to not set the active parameter to true when you create the user.

When the enable staged users site setting is checked, staged users are automatically created when Discourse receives an email from a user who does not have an existing account of the forum. I’m not sure why you would need to create a staged user via the API.


Good idea :slight_smile: I did that and it did not trigger an error (good) but the user created, although active, is not staged (not so good).

This is for importing users from a mailing list and converting them into forum users watching a category. The user can claim the account later and be notified when messages are posted on the categories matching the mailing lists they were subscribed to before migrating to the forum.

When importing the archives of a mailing list, all users who posted on the mailing list are created as staged users. But the users who never posted and who were only interested in reading the mailing are not created, they need to be created independently.


You might find some useful information in this topic: Creating a staged user with an API call


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