Add an icon in front of wikis in the topic list?

There is no specific CSS class in the topic list.
Is it possible by editing the topic list template?


If you only want to add a class to the topic list item component, you can do that without modifying the template. You can use something like this.

const discourseComputed = require("discourse-common/utils/decorators").default;

api.modifyClass("component:topic-list-item", {
  pluginId: "add-views-class",
  unboundClassNames() {
    // log the topic properties to see what you have to work with
    // inherit the default classes from core and plugins
    let classList = this._super(...arguments);
    // add your new classes based on a property
    if (this.topic.views > 100) {
      classList += " has-many-views";
    // return the modified classList
    return classList;

Then a bit of CSS

.has-many-views {
  background: red;

Unfortunately, wiki is a post-level, not a topic-level property. So, It’s not added to the topic list item model. You can use a tag or create a feature request for Discourse to add that class.


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