Can we exclude wikis from unanswered topics?

Is there a way to have the unanswered button exclude wiki type posts?

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Could be better to add a selector for hide some categories and tags.

We have a glossary wiki sub-category that should to be outside the filter too :slight_smile:


Thanks! Can you explain how to do that? :grimacing: I’m a bit technically challenged…I am assuming it is this box below but for some reason it is not excluding those categories?


Wikis are a post-level attribute, and the topic lists only have access to topic-level attributes, so it’s impossible to exclude wikis since we can’t know if a topic is a wiki or not in topics list pages.


So the best approach you see here should be using tags?

I believe so. :slight_smile:

I opened a topic a while ago about the wiki identification from the topic list, where I got this info.

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@rachel-statsnz – The settings you’re looking at there specify pages where the Unanswered link won’t be shown in the menu – not pages to exclude from Unanswered status.

When I set this up, I also wanted to exclude certain informational topics from the Unanswered list. My workaround is to post one reply, e.g. “This informational topic is not open for comments.” – before locking the topic. For your wiki topics, a comment inviting people to edit the wiki would serve to exclude the topic from Unanswered.

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