Add an option for anonymous voting

If you’re adding the ability to see the list of users who voted, I’d like to request that you make it optional functionality. I have a use-case where I’d like to enable voting on Q&A for company executives, and it’s been requested that all questions and the votes for them be done anonymously. I have a plugin in-progress that forces posts in a particular category to be anonymous (even if Discourse’s native global anonymous setting is “off”), and it’s been working great with the current feature voting plugin because the voters aren’t exposed.


I see the use case, but would not like to complicate things a tiny bit.

Not planning on building this for now, but #pr-welcome (provided mockups are provided first)

There is currently a site setting to control globally if you can see who voted: voting_show_who_voted but there is not per-category fidelity here.