Discourse Post Voting

:warning: This plugin is still in active development and may change frequently

:discourse2: Summary Discourse Post Voting allows the creation of topics with votable posts.
:hammer_and_wrench: Repository Link https://github.com/discourse/discourse-post-voting
:open_book: Install Guide How to install plugins in Discourse


To create a new topic with votable posts open the menu in the top left of the composer and select ‘Toggle Post Voting’:

With the topic in Post Voting mode, there’s a filter to sort answers by votes or by activity. Here’s an example of one in action:


Once installed, the plugin is enabled by default and the available admin settings are:

Setting Site Description
qa enabled Enable Post Voting Plugin
qa undo vote action window Number of minutes users are allowed to undo votes in Post Voting topics (enter 0 for no limit)
qa comment limit per post Number of comments allowed on each post
qa enable likes on answers Enable like button on replies on Post Voting topics

And there’s also one on the settings page of the category wrench menu to set all new topics in each particular category in the Post Voting style:



This plugin is inspired by Pavilion’s fantastic work on the Question Answer Plugin. As always, thank you for your continued contributions to the Discourse project. :medal_sports: :slight_smile:


After the rename of the plugin, all manually adjusted texts are gone.


update translation_overrides 
set translation_key = replace(translation_key, 'qa', 'post_voting') 
where translation_key like 'qa.%' or translation_key like 'js.qa%';

I’m not sure if anyone has reported these two. I’m writing them down here first, and will be happy to break them down into separate posts if needed.

  1. The enable likes on answers doesn’t work nicely with the discourse-reactions plugin. See the screenshots. It works fine with the default Discourse like when I deactivate discourse-reactions

  2. The voting UI doesn’t play nicely with some of the themes that I have tried. I don’t know if this should be considered a bug for the theme or this plugin.

    The default theme works. :point_down:

    But it doesn’t work well with the graceful theme. :point_down:

    cc: @awesomerobot

I can turn this on by default for a category. It’s not clear to me (from my admitted skimming of the topic) whether I can restrict the behavior to certain categories…?

No, it’s not currently possible to restrict it. Though you could move them all over to a specific category when you see them and create a loose rule that way?

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Is it possible to select a specific post and related replies, and move them to a new and plain (non-voting) topic? Just like you can select posts from a topic and spin-off a new topic with them.

The use case is a topic like i.e. “What should we do next?” where people can propose, vote, and comment on new proposals. Then from time to time the maintainers pick one proposal (i.e. the most voted) and agree to work on it, creating a new topic with the selected posts to start the work. If the most voted proposal has been spun off, then the next most voted is now at the top.

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