Add bulk_create to Gamification external event API

Is the external gamification built into the SQL database? I have a need to assign external points to a large quantity of users and doing it through the API with its rate limiting will take too long and cause issues with other automations that rely on the API. I’d like to write a SQL query that inserts the external points in one go.

Yes, it has a dedicated table for this.

Sounds like what we really have here is a feature request for a bulk_create where you can send, let’s say, up to a thousand of new scoring events per request. How that sounds like?

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Yes, that sounds acceptable, and I appreciate the help. We only have a few thousand users that actually have points where I would need to run this logic. That would only take a couple of API requests instead of a few thousand.

I’m not in a huge rush to implement this, but that being said, do you have a rough estimate on when a feature like this could be implemented so I can plan accordingly?


Echoing what Colin said, we’re not in a rush for this to be any prioritized custom development—we’ll reach out through the official channels if so!

For now, we’ll just leave it as a feature request. Unfortunately I can’t split Colin and I’s posts over there though. Does paging @JammyDodger work? :smiley: