Discourse Gamification now supports custom scores for external integrations

Since we launched Discourse Gamification a year ago, one of the most requested features from our roadmap has been the ability to integrate Discourse Gamification with external gamification systems. Examples are plenty:

  • Integrate with existing gamification programs in companies
  • Ability to award points for events that happen outside of Discourse, like IRL events, or elsewhere online, like being a customer in a community, or buying a product.
  • The ability to allow users to redeem their points for swag, products, or benefits

Today, just in time for the plugin’s first anniversary, we made all of the above possible with a full API to handle custom scoring events :tada:.

This new system allows admins to:

  • Award users a custom score event
  • Award users with negative score events, to accommodate redemption or penalty events
  • Update and list custom events previously created

Check the API docs at: