Add (collapsible) sub-categories in the sidebar

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Early feedback on the sidebar from our community is that they’d like to see support for (collapsible) subcategories in the sidebar. This would same them one click to visit the categories page. They’re aware the sidebar can be customized, but I think the request has merit as this will make these subcategories easier to reach by default.


How many categories and subcategories do you have on your site?

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I don’t get it now. There is purpose made page for that. Why isn’t it enough?

If everything possible would put in the sidebar we don’t need menu system anymore, but instead nice and clean menu we have a mile long sidebar where finding important everyday things will be impossible. And mobiles, such sidebar is totally unusable.

I’d be in support of this. I have a scenario where collapsible sidebar categories would be beneficial, I’m sure there are other such communities that could use this too.