Repurposing collapsibles in sidebar


In pursuit of an ever simpler design (especially for new users), I was wondering if it wouldn’t be possible to combine the elements a bit, specifically the collapsible headers.

[ I have in mind here a forum for people quite experienced with ICT ]

We now have collapsible “Categories”, which includes a selection of categories and the item “All categories”.

Since the sidebar is not that full, I don’t really see the need to collapse it.

Instead, I’d like to use the header “Categories” as a link to /categories and remove the item “All categories”.

The same goes for tags.

Any idea if this is possible / easy / how it could be done?

Thank you


Currently, there is no feature to do that and since the sidebar is still heavily in development, there is not much documentation to customize it. Customizations could quickly break or become obsolete.

A CSS solution couldn’t work since the category list HTML is added/removed when we toggle the categories.

What is ITC?

Okay that makes sense. Hopefully someone can give me a few pointers and I can see how far I can get myself.

By ICT I just meant information and communication technology

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