Add Condorcet Voting to Discourse Polls

We have been using Discourse Polls successfully for quite a while now and are quite happy with them. However for some votes we’d like to have more than just a simple poll. I particular we’d like to have an implementation of Condorcet Voting.

For those votes we’ve turned to using external services such as: CIVS completion algorithms

However it would be really great to be able to run these votes internally to our Discourse instance with the authentication and authorization capabilities.

There’s already a Single Choice, Multiple Choice, and Number Rating. It would be great to add Condorcet as an option.

The structure of the inputs and outputs is very similar UI to the existing implementations.

And the underlying voting algorithms are available as open source gems such as

Adding this type of poll would be really helpful.

You can read more about this type of voting at:


The tricky thing here is that there are so many methods:

That would be too much to add to the polling plugin, if we were to add this it would have to be up to the site owner to choose STV vs Schulze vs Instant Runoff … etc… etc…

A lot of complexity here. Not against getting started though with at least 1 of the options.