Add custom fields to signup and login

Hello Richard,
I would like take this opportunity to thank you for hosting my discourse forum but I would like to edit the signup page and make use of the secondary email address field and capture telephone numbers for my customers.

It sounds like you might be looking for Richard from Communiteq Hosting – I will just mention him in case, so he sees this: @RGJ

Communiteq provides hosting for Discourse (this forum software)

Just for context, this Meta Discourse forum is by the Civilised Discourse Construction Kit, who develop the Discourse software and they also provide their own hosting, that is separate to Communiteq.


@Dorcas_Kagoya As explained by Tracey this is not the place for support questions for Communiteq hosting. If you have any, please use the Support form in our control panel at .

Of course you can always ask questions about more generic issues here on meta but in that case you should not (need to) address them to me!

In this case, the answer to your question can be found here Create and configure custom user fields

@bloomexperiment Thank you for the mention! :+1: