Add custom 'Login' Link to Invite Acceptance


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I want to use this trick to fix an issue with the invitation welcoming page. I want existing members who are not logged in to easily find the login link after clicking on an invitation link. Currently, the ‘Already have an account? Log in(link)’ appears at the end of the signup form.

Here’s a screenshot of how it currently appears:

And this is how it will be visible for existing members (what we prefer):



Probably the easiest way to achieve this, adding some css. This way you don’t need to modify the invite page template.

Add the following to a theme component Common / CSS section.

body.invite-page {
  .invites-show {
    .login-welcome-header {
      gap: 3em 0;
    .invitation-cta__info {
      position: absolute;
      top: -6em;
      left: 0;

Screenshot 2022-11-28 at 18.06.09


Worked like magic! Thank you so much @Don! Wish I could grant you a discourse community badge for this :heart_eyes:`

@staff @team (sorry for the tag) but this is a very helpful post. Could you move mine and the response to a new topic in the support category so I can mark @Don’s post a solution.

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You should already be able to do that here? I think your Topic makes more sense in #dev and I understand you can mark it as Solved in any case.


Thank you! :slight_smile: Yes, it’s even better here!

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