No 'sign in' option in the accept invitation page, only the signup form is shown

Previously, if someone is not logged in and used an invitation link, they are given either of two options:

  1. Login
  2. Fill out the form to sign up and accept invitation

Currently, the login option is gone, is this on purpose? In other words, if someone is already a member, do they need to login first and then go back to the invitation link to be able to use it?

I hope this is actually a bug and can be fixed soon.

Thank you so much!

Yeah I hear you, there are 2 oddities here we probably want to address:

  1. Consistency with “create account” (we are not doing a live “check the email is taken”) check.


Vs: Create account page:


  1. We stripped down the “accept invite page” so much that header is gone and there is no trivial way to sign in.

In fact the page is so stripped down you have edit URL to find the home page.

I agree we should fix both issues. So the TODO is:

  1. Ensure a login and way to get to home link is included on the accept invite stripped down page.

  2. Fix the issue where we are not doing live email checks, like we do on sign up which leads to confusion.


On Meta I get the same behaviour if I try to sign up with a taken email, though it’s a little janky. It shows this at first:


But if I refocus the input then tab away form it, I get the expected:

Here is the signup email checker on the input:

However we don’t seem to check it on the invitation page, it only checks the username via the UsernameValidation mixing:

So I think we need to add the check on the invite page, however we need to be careful because SSO can be used there as well and that has its own external email validation logic.


@jordan-vidrine gave a shot at fixing this at:

Hopefully we will be able to merge it in soon.

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Yes, it’d be great if this one can be put back up. The fix you shared by @jordan-vidrine here adds the login to the bottom of the page but not to the header. It is important to have the Login where it usually is because it’s more visible, please.

Thank you!

I definitely understand that perspective, but the reason it is hidden on the invite redemption page is that “Login” in the header could be confusing as the first CTA they see, before they begin the account creation process.

If you want the button to be visible, I’d suggest un-hiding it with custom css in a theme component on your forum.


Okay thanks!

This takes into account the users who are ‘new’ and don’t already have an account, but what about those who already have an account but were not logged in when they used the invitation link. It would be confusing to see a long form that they are ‘requested’ to fill in ‘and create a new account’ when they already have one (without a clear indication that if they already have an account, all they need to do, is to login.)