Add custom menu panel to the correct location (same as hamburger menu panel)

In Reuse Discourse Hamburger Functionality, a way to add a new menu item to the header-icons location (i.e. where Discourse hamburger menu is located) is described.

In essence, a call to api.decorateWidget('header-icons:after', callback) is used to (1) add an additional menu entry with its own icon and (2) add a menu panel if its underlying state variable for its visibility is true.

This works, but is slightly inconsistent with the way Discourse’s existing menu entries work: The new menu is added as a child to the header-icons location (i.e. the div.d-header-icons element), while Discourse’s menus are children of div.panel (i.e. the parent element of div.d-header-icons).

This difference causes the added menu to be occluded by the div.header-cloak element for the mobile view.

Is there a way to add a widget to div.panel? Alternatively, is there a chance that the element div.panel will be available as a widget location?

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I found a solution to this issue. The missing piece was the api.addHeaderPanel method. I’m not quite sure why its third argument, a callback, has to be provided, but passing a do-nothing function works.

Anyway, a theme component with the following files allows one to add a Discourse menu entry and panel in the correct locations that works in both desktop and mobile views.


The following pieces of JavaScript are all part of this script element:

<script type="text/discourse-plugin" version="0.8">
    // …

First, I’m setting up a data structure that contains the content of the new menu:

const { h } = require('virtual-dom');
const { attachAdditionalPanel } = require('discourse/widgets/header');

const menuItems = [
        text: 'Home',
        href: '/'
        text: 'FAQ',
        href: '/faq'

Second, I’m creating a new widget called custom-menu. This follows what Discourse uses for its own hamburger menu (see app/assets/javascripts/discourse/widgets/hamburger-menu.js.es6).

api.createWidget('custom-menu', {
    tagName: 'div.custom-panel',

    settings: {
        maxWidth: 320

    panelContents() {
        return h(
   => h('li', h('a', { href: item.href }, item.text)))

    html() {
        return this.attach('menu-panel', {
            contents: () => this.panelContents(),
            maxWidth: this.settings.maxWidth

    clickOutside(event) {
        if ( {
        } else {

    clickOutsideMobile(event) {
        const centeredElement = document.elementFromPoint(event.clientX, event.clientY);
        if (
            !centeredElement.classList.contains('header-cloak') &&
            centeredElement.closest('.panel').length > 0
        ) {
        } else {
            const panel = document.querySelector('.menu-panel');
            const panelOffsetDirection = ? 'left' : 'right';
  , -window.innerWidth);

            const headerCloak = document.querySelector('.header-cloak');
  'opacity', 0);

   => this.sendWidgetAction('toggleCustomMenu'), 200);

Next, I add a new entry to Discourse’s top menu bar (where the search icon, hamburger menu, and the user menu are located). I also setup a widget action that is responsible for changing the state variable that controls the visibility of the custom menu.

api.decorateWidget('header-icons:after', function (helper) {
    const headerState = helper.widget.parentWidget.state;

    return helper.attach('header-dropdown', {
      title: 'custom-menu',
      icon: 'bars',
      iconId: 'toggle-custom-menu',
      active: headerState.customMenuVisible,
      action: 'toggleCustomMenu',

api.attachWidgetAction('header', 'toggleCustomMenu', function() {
    this.state.customMenuVisible = !this.state.customMenuVisible;

Finally, the following line adds the custom-menu widget to the correct location in the DOM depending on whether the state variable customMenuVisible is true.

api.addHeaderPanel('custom-menu', 'customMenuVisible', function (attrs, state) {
    // This callback has to be provided. Don’t know why.

(Again, all these JavaScript blocks belong into the script element above.)


This stylesheets just adds some missing styles that the other panels use.

.d-header .custom-panel {
  width: 0;

.mobile-view .custom-panel .menu-panel.slide-in {
  left: 0;
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