Add data-ot-ignore to the preloader-image

Need to add data-ot-ignore to the preloader-image to stop the onetrust cookie-consent from blocking it, but api.onPageChange() seems to run once the preloader has gone

in my head_tag.html. I have script running api.onPageChange() and inside that…

function addIgnoreToPreloader () {
      console.log("addIgnoreToPreloader running")
      const splashWrapper = document.querySelector("#d-splash");
        console.log("splashWrapper", splashWrapper)
      const splashImage = splashWrapper && splashWrapper.querySelector(".preloader-image");
        console.log("splashImage", splashImage);

But is seems that by the time I see the console log “addIgnoreToPreloader running”. the page has already loaded and and the preloader has disappeared anyway…

Is there a hook/function to get to .preloader-image.