Add easier way of linking previous comments

Here I say,

Hyperlinked too. Looks elegant, and is.
However I had to cobble it all together by hand.
Therefore, Discourse should have an easy way to refer to previous comments.
If not just the user typing c123, then #123, etc.


Unfortunately # is already taken.

I actually quite approving of amending mini onboxing here, so:

Which now renders as: How can I add a banner asking new users to register

Will instead render as: How can I add a banner asking new users to register - #3 by Jonathan5

@codinghorror thoughts?

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Ummm… problem is, if we are referring to a comment in the same topic,
e.g., the oddly unnumbered comment #2 above ,

then the default rendering,

is overkill, and makes users even think maybe it is referring to a different topic entirely.
In fact the user can’t even control the big blob of quoted material being hauled in when he/she sticks the URL into the editor.

I agree that our change, while a fine general improvement, didn’t really answer… well… anything you wrote above :rofl:

I think the reality is that linking to previous replies in the same topic just isn’t that common of an activity in Discourse. Linking to the first post is a bit more common – and I do that by right clicking the topic title and selecting copy.

What you might want is the “jump to any numeric post or arbitrary date” keyboard shortcut which is #. To learn the full list of keyboard shortcuts, press ?.

(That is, if you didn’t know this already, clicking or tapping on the topic title will take you to the first post in the topic. Bask in the glory of this protip. :raised_hands:)

OK, but mainly I am trying to impress other readers with my precise linking destinations, not have anybody’s hands leave their mouses.

Why just the other day there I was on an other site, in comment 22 mentioning comment 15.

And massive tables of content are only possible when the full power to internally link different parts of the same document is present.

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I hear you, and I am impressed, but I don’t feel this comes up enough (especially with our paying customers) to warrant special treatment? In Discourse, if you want to impress them with your links to earlier posts, you quote the earlier posts … and those quotes are expandable and jumpable-to via the buttons at upper right of the quote

Note what clicking the down chevron and up arrow on that quote, do…

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OK so Discourse clearly has a more powerful way to refer to previous parts of the same post than any other social media. Agreed. Plus other readers will be duly impressed.

However… it still also should have the dumb old way too, just in case.

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