Add Google Perspective + Akismet to Chat

Right now you can completely bypass Akismet and Perspective by going to the chat.

You can already do most text features (watched words, linked words, flagging) in the chat, these should be added to prevent toxic behavior and spam.

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I had no idea that it did not apply to chat. It should since spammers can just spam until a tl3 flags a message as spam (possibly) or a mod comes. And they can drain out all other messages. It could also lag users so they can’t ping a mod.

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Akismet is not really designed for chat, I don’t think it makes sense to integrate it. Perspective I guess is a bit better designed.

I would recommend rolling out chat in stages, start by only allowing it to TL2. Allowing anyone who created an account to chat can cause problems on many communities.


I have it locked behind TL3 but I still think this would be a good idea to stay safe.