Add link to go from small "Flag -> Send @user a message" to normal private message window

Right now the input field is tiny and missing lots of functionality like canned replies when you send a message to a user about one of this posts via the Flag icon.

I understand that it doesn’t make sense to improve that small input field and keep it limited, but a small “Switch to normal ‘Start a Message’ screen” link in the bottom right of the input field would solve these problems.

Clicking it you go to the “send message” field with the username and quoted post prefilled (what the system does in the background when you use the tiny input).


There is a way to do that without using the :black_flag:. Click on the user icon, and then the blue message button:


Ah, didn’t know that added the topic into the message. Only difference now is that I have to write a subject.

Still, I think a link would improve the “quick message” feature.

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