"You sent a message to this user."

When I, as a regular user, use the flag icon to send a private message to a user about their post, that post will forevermore have the following text below it:

You sent a message to this user.

That text is blue and mouseover makes it look like a link, the pointer changes as if it were. But it is not a link. Clicking it does nothing.

Could it become a link?


I could’ve sworn that was a link? Is this a regression?

I think it has behaved that way for a while. This is mostly for staff, but it could be for regular users too.

I don’t recall it working as a link for regular users, ever. But the times I’ve tried to use it as one are very few.

If it is not going to be a link, I’d rather it didn’t look like one.

The text should probably also be changed.

You sent a message this user about this post.


You sent a message to the author about this post.

Bleh. Needs more editing.

You privately responded to this post.


How can I review what was sent? I don’t see it as an email, nor do I see it in ‘Sent’ items of the in-Discource private messages - where has it gone?