Add mailto link to notifications footer?

Is it possible to add a link to the footer letting readers reply to the original poster directly by email ?

I used the extremely helpful sample code at Customize email notification footer with links to reply privately and see user profiles to add a Private message link to the footer, but the previous discussion forum had an “Email username directly” link and my users are used to that. It was something like this:

[Email USER_NAME directly](mailto:USER_EMAIL?subject=Re:%20TOPIC_NAME&body=In%20reply%20to%20your%20post%20to%20the%20discussion%20list:%20%20)

Is there any way to do that in user_notifications.reply_by_email, or any other part of Discourse?

(Note: We have reply by email set up for replying publicly to the whole community, and that’s working great! This question is about specifically replying directly to the author of a post or comment, without it going to the whole community.)

Thank you!

In modern times email addresses are considered private, but I guess you’ve got a closed community where everyone thinks their are is public information.

You’ll need a custom plugin that adds the user email to the serializer so then you can add it to the message. I once wrote one, but can’t remember where it might be.

Yeah, putting the email in the footer is pretty weird, but as you guessed, this is a completely closed community and a lot of them really like taking private conversations to individual email.

I’ve searched the plugin directory as thoroughly as I could to try to find that plugin you wrote once upon a time, but came up empty. If you happen to locate it, my community would be thrilled. (I wish I could try writing a version myself, but Ruby isn’t one of my languages.)

Many thanks for the reply!

These do something like what you want. If you have a budget I’ll be happy to make them so what you want. They should have examples of how to add the email address to the serializer.

Whoa! Jay! That is fantastic! Thank you so much!

I’ll try these out and see whether they’ll work for us, and if the community wants any adjustments I’ll see if we can wrangle some budget.

I really appreciate these - thank you!

The user card one should work. The other is 4 years old, so it likely does not.