Custom email footers in mailing list mode

Hi all,

I am using discourse in mailing list mode at to email users content when posted in the various categories.

In these emails I want to include a footer. *n the past I have included a footer though settings in sendgrid but the issue with this is it includes the footer in all emails, including signup emails etc.

I tried to insert a custom footer into emails of new posts by using the customize > email template > and customizing ‘user posted’ , however this does not appear to customize the emails of posts that are sent to users.

Am I doing something wrong? Choosing the wrong email template to customize?
I’d be very grateful for some advice.


Anyone got any ideas on this problem?

Ive check all the similar post but none address this particular issue.

I just posted the following tip on modifying email footers.

You just need to customize the text (not the email template). There are various text strings you might want to modify. Just search the Text Content area. Hope this helps.


Thank you so much Steve. This is exactly what Ive been looking to do.

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