Add member to custom group - Jumpy Screen / Multiple Requests

Discourse version: 2.6.0.beta3

Problem Found in: /g/(groupname) when trying to add a member to a custom group I see this (see gif below), which eventually hits me with a white screen saying “slow down too many requests from this IP”

Does it do it on META?: Unable to test here.

It does add the member but it’s strange behaviour, so thought I’d report, thanks in advance


Groups page seems to be loading perpetually. I can reproduce this as well.

CC @Heather_Dudley are you experiencing this also?
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Can you test after applying Constant loading on group membership request tab ?


@ondrej I am not, but I think I’ve gotten the fix @Falco mentioned, as my original issue doesn’t appear to be happening anymore, either.

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I’ll try it, be back soon

I’m now on
latest-release +121

Still does it… :thinking: