Add member to group button

Hello on mobile the add member to group button shows this:

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I can reproduce that issue on my hosted site that’s on the latest code and on my local dev site. The problem only occurs when an admin user accesses the group’s page. The “Add Members” button that is shown to non-admin group owners works without any issue:


On my production site, when an admin user goes to a group’s page on mobile and clicks the button to open the add-to-group options, they are seeing something similar to the screenshot in the OP. Clicking the “Bulk Add to Group” button gives the following error in the console: TypeError: t is not a function.

On my local dev site, when an admin user loads the group’s page, the following error is displayed in the console: ember:37774 Uncaught Error: Assertion Failed: [ember-route-action-helper] Unable to find action showBulkAddModal. Possibly this error is related to the missing translation?

On both the production and the dev sites, the “Bulk Add to Group” option is not displayed in when the desktop view is loaded. This seems to be a regression.

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