Add moderators in the 'About' section

Would it be possible to add the moderators in the ‘About’ section? I know that admins are highlighted and I like that a lot, but I know the moderators on my site to a lot, so I’d like to have them be hilighted. Is that possible or a feature that could be added down the road? I know it’s not a huge thing, but I think it would be a good addition.

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Feature already exists, it sounds like the issue is that everyone on your site is both admin and moderator? Remove admin from the people that you want to be just moderators.


I am not sure we should be disclosing admins on that page.

Why not? Admins are also responsible for the site.

Sure, but this is the only spot this info is disclosed, not even on user page

Don’t feel that strongly about this

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Nope, you can also look at staff group membership. Has always been like that ever since we had the group pages.

Ah nailed it. Thank you!