Add more logging to email failures?

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #1

I’m getting this in my logs sometimes… and since POP email is working, I can’t guess what’s up.

Job exception: getaddrinfo: No address associated with hostname

If we could get more details logged… what server was being looked up, maybe which dns was consulted, and if all 5 errors happened at 1:50pm (see attached), it could make troubleshooting easier.


(Dean Taylor) #2

This is a DNS lookup / resolution error.

This is probably just a transient error (i.e. it will go away on it’s own).

To check you can resolve (nslookup) the mail directly at the command line for each of your DNS servers.

Another possible causes are:

  • connection / availability of your DNS server at the time.
  • DNS configuration issues with your POP3 provider.

The only real chance of a bug is if the wrong POP3 server name / address gets down to this level in the code - which seems unlikely if it’s working at other times.

It might be good to know what hostname it’s looking up, but unlikely to help.