Add multiple account to DiscourseHub

Hello :slight_smile:

I have a feature request for DiscourseHub app. I think that is going to be pretty awesome if Admins have an option to add two account to DiscourseHub. An admin account and a personal account. I don’t know is it possible or how hard to make it but I’ll like it a lot. :slight_smile:

Or it is going to be pretty cool if Discourse can handle multiple accounts for Admins. A personal and an admin.

I know there is PWA what I use to my personal account but I think if I can add more accounts to DiscourseHub it going to be better. Much easier to move account to account.

I know multiple accounts is not the better and this point is in the Terms of Service but I don’t want to use my admin account only for dev or higher moderate than Moderators. Admin account is the only one which can control everything so I keep it safe. And use only Mod accounts for Community and Admin account for development and control Discourse etc…

What do you think guys? Is it possible to make it? :slight_smile:


I think that this would be a great feature.

I like the idea but why only restrict it to admins? When I first got TL4 on a forum I often found myself in a PM with an alt to test out a bunch of this stuff and want to see what the alt at TL1 sees.

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