Discourse mobile app multiple login support

I have a generic admin account and a personal account on our forums. I tried adding the forums twice into the mobile app but got a ‘forum already exists’ message. Being able to add the site twice, having a ‘logged-in as’ string on each list item, and getting push notifications for both accounts would be super.


I feel like it would be in the spirit of this app to bring such utility, what do you think @sam ?

Incredibly complicated if we keep safari view controller. Doable but we would have to re-log-in the user via app with a bunch of redirects every time you visit from a different user.

I actually feel this is plugin material, an “alt account” plugin that works similar to how anonymous mode does, we have some vague plans to build this in the next year.


I also think it might be annoying too get to many notifications, and something directly builtin into discourse could be smart about it maybe?

This would be beneficial for myself as well. On one forum, because of the use case, I have 3 accounts to manage (1 personal and 2 organisational)

I’m not sure if I have understood you correctly.
But if this helps, I have two accounts on my disco forum.

And on my android mobile, I’ve succeeded in creating two shortcuts to my disco forum (one thru Android Chrome browser and another thru Mi Mobile’s own native browser) and both shortcuts open same app/disco forum, but diff user logged into the site.


Yeah my recommendation here would be to keep the main account logged in to the app and then use chrome for the alt