Add new groups via sso

I am using SSO on my discourse. What I want is, if put some groups add_groups for example grp1,grp2,grp3

Let us assume grp1 and grp3 exist, but grp2 doesn’t exist. I would want Discourse to create grp2 and add the current user to it. Possible ?

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I have this use case too, I am trying to automatically add my AD users to groups named after the “department” field in our directory but it only works if i generate all the groups first. It would be very cool if we had a “sso can create groups” option in Discourse settings that made a new group with default settings. I mainly want to use it for easily finding all the users belonging to each department at work :slight_smile:

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I recommend using our API to create the groups, it feels super messy trying to add this to the SSO protocol. Too many bad things can happen.


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