Add one-click social sharing icons directly to the post


I do know that there has been discussion on this earlier also. But still creating a fresh thread :

  1. As discourse gets (more) popular, it will move beyond tech communities. And that community needs visual sharing icons (not the ones hidden under the current icon).

  2. It’s not just about on-site engagement. Social is important.
    To quickly share, our social sharing has dropped by 90% after we moved to discourse - because people aren’t able to find the sharing icons. There is no virality (visually speaking) no matter how useful the content is.
    Ditto with mobile site / social sharing.

  3. I do know @codinghorror 's explanation that people share via copy/pasting URLs. It might work well with Stackexchange sort of community (geeks), but not with everyone else.

  4. 1-click please ? Sharing is an instant feature. The current implementation mandates discovery (of the icon), which is quite painful + another click. For a new age system, this isn’t the ideal implementation.

TLDR : It’s time to revisit Social Sharing feature. If somebody has cracked it better (by displaying the icons directly instead of the current implementation), please point / share the details.

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

Clicking the link icon gives you this:

and clicking on the Facebook icon does this:

If having to click that to get those icons is too hard, then you should be able to add them next to the :link: icon with CSS.


Yep - I need that CSS please :slight_smile: And the ability to make it look equally good on mobile


Anyone has done this ? That is, adding sharing buttons visibly on the threads, instead of clicking on the icon?

(technicallyrite) #5

You could change the icon to make it more discoverable. I used the retweet icon. Change sharing icon on posts