Post Share now Link Copy Only?

It looks like the share link button within a topic (a specific reply/post) has been changed, previously it offered the full range os share options, copy link, post to social, share in email. Now I see it only provides a link copy functionality.

The full topic share is now only at the bottom of a topic, putting the social sharing features far away. Am I missing a feature to provide the full share at the post/reply level?

If you click the post information you can share from there.

Wow, thanks! But what is the visual cue that someone would know that the little bit of text with a time stamp is the link to share? This needs a better UI IMHO.

I think the admin can use the post menu setting to choose whether the copy link or the share option (or both) are shown below posts.

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Ahh! This is the fix, I could not find these settings. It looks like the old share button was made into CopyLink, so I removed that one, and added the share from the menu below.

Now I have the full share button back on each post:

Also, I prefer a a share icon rather than the default link one, so in my custom component for my site, in the Head I include:

 // icon substitutions for share buttons
api.replaceIcon('d-post-share', 'external-link-alt');
api.replaceIcon('d-topic-share', 'external-link-alt');
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