Add OP name / avatar to fixed topic title header

Is there any way to have the Fixed Thread / Topic Header Include the OP name and or Avatar?
IE: When you scroll in a topic, the Title of the Topic/Thread gets moved up to a fixed header that is always visible Like this

However it would be helpful to know who posted the original topic when you are scrolling all the way down a thread and forgot who posted the original question
Something like this


Is there any way to do that currently?


I like this idea though I think if like your mock it might make the header a bit too cramped and a bit too noisy. But a good idea just the same.

Our use case would be to help with “hijacking”. There have been times when a member will join in a discussion with a kind of “me too” post, and then encouraged, bring the discussion off-topic from the OP with an “also” post. Sometimes a little meandering is ok, other times it can leave the OP out of the discussion.

I guess the usefulness of having the OP identity visible would be mostly as a clue that a topic should be split when we see a “mid-topic OP”.

I’m wondering if it might be better / easier to give the OP’s avatar the “halo” similar to topic lists.

Like you said, It would also help you remember who is the author when you are at the “bottom” of the conversation