Request: Topic starter icon

Browsing a long thread - you sometimes forget who was the original topic starter - especially if you return to the topic days after last time you read it and jump into the discussion…

Therefore I request a solution that let you easily see who was the original Thread starter or topic starter…

Eg a icon or something that visualize who did original start this topic…


Update saw this: Make posts in a topic by topic starter recognizable

Might the post avatar already have a class attribute value indicating its a post made by the topic starter? If so a simple CSS declaration with the right selector could do something like add a border radius. It might be more trouble if the change took up too many more pixels of screen real estate. I think that anything that didn’t exceed what the flairs do should be OK.

What does the HTML for a post avatar of the OP look like in your dev tools inspect?

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Yes, the CSS selector for this already exists in the markup, so you can style it as you see fit.