Add path to cookie

I tested the change and it’s safe. Sessions aren’t invalidated. I committed the change today.

Serving multiple Discourse instances from different paths on the same domain will most likely work now, but note that the instances can’t be served from one multisite setup. Multisite is still keyed off of domain, not path.



I have 2 discourse setups.

setup 1 running from

setup 2 running from

Problems noticed

  1. I cannot remain logged into both the discourse setups at the same time
  2. If I am logged into d1 and I refresh d2 I am logged out of d1.

More information about the setup:

  1. Both are running in their own docker containers using their own DB
  2. installed using discourse_docker
  3. version is 1.9 beta2

Yeah we have a bug here:

We need to explicitly add the path there, just like session has the path.

Unfortunately fixing this will log everyone off on all subfolder installs, but still, it is probably worth fixing.

@neil maybe look at adding path there?


@neil let me know once you commit the fix … I can check it out if it works …

@vikaskedia I pushed a fix so please try it out.

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Ok I am following the steps here to upgrade:

and will let you know soon

@neil damm man … it works !!

I am successfully logged into

Very good … :penguin:


@neil I just started getting “internal server error 500” can this be related to the above fix …

The error auto corrects itself in a couple of minutes. So it seems to indicate it is the “rate limiting” issue.

But this is just me using the site and its a beefy server …

and i am seeing it for the first time after i upgraded. :grimacing:

Looks like your subfolder is missing? “/subfolder/faq”

If the subfolder was missing the error will come all the time.

This error is a transient error …

It sounds like another problem we saw today. @sam seems like this code is being hit in this case too? The cookie is invalid now?


I tested on local and it tries to reset the cookie, I guess it is failing cause it can no longer reset the cookie from the top level path


Related ?

Let me know when you release a fix … I will check it out …

Try deleting cookies, does the problem go away?

@sam I took your suggestion … deleted all the cookies and I still hit the bug.

Please see the attached video:

I can go back and forth between two sites at the same domain, different subfolders, and I don’t see anything out of the ordinary hitting the auth logs.

6 - seen token
5 - rotate
4 - seen token
3 - rotate

Those don’t happen very often.

@neil I can give you access to my system remotely if it helps you debug.

I am able to replicate the bug in the video every time.

I believe you, but subfolder debugging… ugh. Still working on it.

So you deleted your cookies but still have the problem?