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Hi everybody!

I had a discourse setup that was hosted on a subdomain and everything works smoothly. Right now we decided to move discourse from subdomain to a sub URL. So the very same domain will be used for both the Laravel site and /community sub URL will be used for discourse. Can you suggest to me what settings and where I should change to make it work? I’m technical and I have decent experience with Rails but I’m not quite sure where should I start and what hidden difficulties I can face.

Thanks, everybody in advance for any assistance and hope to hear from you


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While you can install Discourse in a sub-folder, there are some problems that come up. I would suggest you use this link to look at what issues have come up with sub-folder installations. It can be done, but there are challenges.


There are over 50 topics on this. :neutral_face:


Is that because you want to lose SEO juice when all of the links change or because the forum is running too smoothly and you need extra work? :wink:

Free advice is worth what you pay for it, but I’d think twice about making the change. There are enterprise sites that use sub-folders, so the subfolder code is pretty well maintained, but you’ll still want to be a extra careful with upgrades.


Hi @pfaffman!

Thanks for your reasonable response, but the fact is that I’m not a decision maker of this change and I have low influence on the final decision.

Anyway, your answer was useful. Thank you


Actually, I haven’t initially thought about sub url as a sub folder approach. That’s why I haven’t focused on sub-folder topics. For me it looks like a proper server setup can allow us a multiple way to handle that and sub-folder is only one of them. Am I missing something?

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Official guide for that is Subfolder support with Docker


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