Add post to existing topic with Zapier

I’ve been playing with Zapier a bit and am able to use it to add a new topic to a category in my Discourse site. So far it’s performing as expected, except for one thing.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to both create a new topic and add replies to an existing topic from Zapier. If I send a 2nd post with the same topic as a prior one then I get an error instead of it being added to the existing topic as a new reply.

Has anybody found a way to do that?


Any thoughts on this one, for Monday, @simon?

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The Discourse integration on Zapier gives the options to either create a new topic, or to add a post to an existing topic. It does not have an option to first create a topic and then add posts to that topic. I think the functionality you are looking for could be achieved with Zapier by using their Webhook action. There are some details about setting that up in this topic: How to make requests to the Discourse API with Zapier.

What application are you using to trigger the Zap?

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To be honest I don’t remember. I was playing around with various ideas for a few days, but it wasn’t anything critical so I moved on to other thigns when I was done.